Thursday, December 9, 2010


I've decorated the house for Christmas. It's kind of sad to do it on my own, so I've only put up the obvious things.

I'm not sure the star in the window is a global thing or something we only have in Sweden/Scandinavia. It's a big must here anyway.

I had trouble finding a good pot for the
poinsettia (Gotta love the Czech homo-erotic sausage container!) ...

Margaret Thatcher got a hat this Christmas

My tree isn't exactly a tree, and it's very sad looking... I kind of like it though! It's got character


Crystal Calliope said...

The star is really pretty. It's not a thing here in the states (not to hang one in the window , anyway) but the top for my Christmas tree is a star, which I love.

We'll be decorating our tree today (I'm so excited!) but sadly I have no Margret THatcher to hat, nor ironic phallis pottery for my Poinsettia.

Hope you're having a lovely season.

Lex said...

YOur decorations are super cute. I love that they are all unexpected. Its the small details that people remember.

Lina said...

Crystal Calliope - Thanks! We have stars on top of the tree here too, but since I don't have a top on my "tree" I didn't bother with it. I hope the decorating goes well! have a great holiday

Lex - Thank you. That makes me feel better about my failed decorations ;)

Anonymous said...

I smiled when I saw the can from sausages,because it is from my country...where did you get it? :)


Lina said...

I bought it in Prague when I was there on holiday many years ago with my parents