Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My favorite online vintage stores

I'm committed to buy less clothes this year and remix what I already have instead. I do this for the sake of my economy but even more so for the environment. However, when I do decide to buy something, I like to find something special and spend a little extra money to get something interesting and original. And these are the best places to look, online:

This store has a mix of homemade items and vintage clothes. There is also a category for vintage sewing and kniting patterns. The clothes are from between the 1940's and the 1980's and the dress section is my favorite. There aren't that many vintage online stores that ship within Sweden, and Lily of the Valley is by far one my favorite Swedish online stores!

This store has great and original looking every day wear mainly. The store is filled with cute plaid skirts and comfy cardigans. It's traditional American clothes at their best! The clothes are from between 1950's to 1970's mainly. The prices are generally low (however, the shipping to Europe is always an issue unfortunately)

This store isn't uptaded that much anymore, but when it is, there's always something good! Lidia Luna doesn't just offer great looking vintage clothes, she offers a whole style. All the clothes have tons of personality and that special pop gothic feel to them. Style-vise, Black Luna Vintage is one of my absolute favorite stores!

This store has rediciously beautiful things in it. There are mostly dresses in this store, and what dresses! Most of them are from the 1930's to 1960's. There is so much beautiful detailing and craft in the items of this store, it's pure eye-candy.

This store also has loads of beautiful 50's dresses. Most of the clothes in this store are vintage, but some are made from vintage fabric and those clothes are equally pretty! I especially like that this store has a really big selection and lots of different sizes. This store also ships from Sweden which is a big plus in my book!

This store has the most adorable everyday wear. Even though everything is vintage, the items feel very contemporary. The clothes are of good quality and stand out in a modest way. The clothes are mainly from the 1950's to the 1970's and I'd love to wear most of the things in this store!


hannah, heart city said...

all rad shops! i try to buy used too, and vintage is the bee's knees!

L.Luna said...

That is seriously the nicest thing I've ever heard about my store. Thank you so much!!!

Izzonet Shopping Cart Solution said...

Oh, how were you able to find these amazing online shops, Lina? I think the vintage dresses they all offer are one of a kind. I've actually never seen one of those before. Thanks for the share!