Friday, February 17, 2012

Runaway - yozo collab

Got another item from yozo magazine today, this lovely bag by Laplaette. It has a wonderful, playful 60's wibe which I adore. The size is also great, you could fit books and notebooks in it which is something I like to carry around. The only miss is that it doesn't have pockets, just one big space for everything

Because of the 60's feeling, I coordinated the bag with this adorable pink dress which was actually sewn by my mother in the 60's. My mother was really cool during the 60's, her self-made clothes are of pretty bad quality, but really cool and original! I'm so glad I can wear her old clothes! They are definitely among my favorites!

Hat: Bought in thriftstore in Berlin
Dress: Made by my mother in the 60's
belt: really a handle from an old purse
Shoes: Gift from my mother
Bag: Cupcake


Katie-Louise Ford said...

So beautiful, I absolutely love your new haircut <3 x Katie-Louise

RUDA said...

I love this dress! <3 It is very original! You look amazing !!

rachael said...

so lucky to have your mother's dresses! i have a few things my mom stitched up as well - they're my favorite things ever, really.

illustration poetry said...

pretty dress ♥

hollister said...

so beautiful dress, it is the style of I like! thank you for sharing article! I will continue noticing your blog !

WhatIWear ♥ Blog said...

love your dress so much!