Monday, April 23, 2012

What is a fashion blog?

In my opinion fashion is a very contradicted thing. If you're interested in fashion it is either to put up the facade of someone else, or displaying yourself on a very personal level, visually. It is about playing roles, whether it's someone else or an alter ego of one self. This means that yes, fashion can be very shallow if a person decides to hide themselves behind trends to be visually pleasing to others (usually men). But in the other extreme, fashion can be one of the most instant depths of a person you can experience. Getting dressed can be very revealing if it is done intentionally.

So is a fashion blog a shallow, silly thing? I don't think so. It is an exploration of everyday things, which in general is often looked down on, as being silly. But in reality it is in these every day things we learn about ourselves. As women you're usually portrayed in a very two dimensional way with expectations to be well put together always and in every way. By taking charge of your every day life and accepting and embracing how complicated and weird it is, I think we as humans have a lot to learn within ourselves and from each-other. And the most visual way to express our complex individuality is probably through the way we present ourselves visually.

 Collage of me and things that influenced me from the age of 8 to 18.

Personally, my interest in fashion started with an interest in theater and acting, but also in a quite brutal obsession with figuring out myself in the context of others. I was a badly adjusted kid and had a really hard time fitting it, usually sitting on my own writing poems instead of engaging in play. It was difficult at first to accept how deviant I was, but in middle school I decided to just screw the expectations and I started to express myself with weird second hand clothes and heavy makeup. Surprisingly this acceptation of myself was followed by the acceptation from others. I think that because I discovered my own place in my appearance way before I realized all the sexual, moral and social expectations of the female body I was never insecure with the way I looked as a child or a teenager, unlike many of my friends who have struggled a lot with body issues. I almost lost some of my friends as a teenager to eating disorders and wrist cutting because of these extraordinary expectations that are put on young women.

So that is why I keep this blog. I'm grown now, so the importance of finding myself is way past me. So naturally I haven't got the same engagement in the subject as I would have had 5-10 years ago. But even though I might not go into dept with myself or my thoughts on important subjects with this particular blog. I feel there is a huge need for the alternative fashion blogs. There are a lot of fashion blogs that focus on the bad side of fashion which is about fitting in to a mold, covering up yourself rather than expressing yourself. But there is also a very large number of blogs which simply present the confidence and joy of being yourself, and I hope that is what anyone who looks through my blog gets from it.


Marla Singer said...

a great post from you, lina. i couldn't be more agree :)

fabulousjunk said...

Great post, I couldn't agree more. There are so many different aspects to "fashion" I don't think there is a right or wrong, its a form of expression. Whatever you wear that makes you feel good is awesome!!! Everyone has individual style and I believe its about celebrating that.


Lina said...

Thanks Marla and Fabolous Junk! I suppose it was a bit harsh to say that some fashion blogs are bad, it's just than here in Sweden the biggest "fashion-blogs" tell young girls where to go to get botox and lip implants rather than encouraging free expression.

Aylin Yildiz said...

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bakeshoppe said...
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Selina said...

I find it boring when people just post endless looks on their blog with no explanation other than 'this is what I wore today.' Boring. I love seeing people's outfits on their blog but it needs so much more than that