Wednesday, May 23, 2012

warm spring days

I'm caught up with a big school project for another week, which is exciting but time consuming. Next Friday I'll start my summer job in Stockholm, so this will be my last weekend which I'll spend with Carl in Göteborg. These last weekends have been really nice and warm and this weekend will be super hot and probably fun with the annual Majorna-Loppis (a big street market in Göteborg). Here are some pictures from the last couple of weeks, Carl visited and I went to my parents summer house to see my parents over the day of ascension of Christ (not sure if it's a holiday in other countries...).

 Carl and I sat in the sun all afternoon

Carl made us pancakes

Romantic pancake dinner for two

Romantic feild

My father and the big blue sea

 My father had his first swim of the year

 My parents

 Wild apple blossom

Me, on our way to the bay

Trees and I

Mum and dad out walking

The sea


Henry Mitchel said...

You've got some sweet spring days. So fun and great. :)
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Steffen said...

lovely photos :) xo

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