Sunday, July 8, 2012

creature persona

My sister and I decided to make papier mache heads a couple of weeks ago. Papier mache is really fun and easy to do, we just needed to buy some chicken wire and wallpaper paste (for less than 10 dollars) and collect loads of free magazines in the subway. In a dry climate it only takes a couple of hours for the paste to dry, so you can have a great costume for a dress up party in a day or two.

Wireframes head
Testing size

Putting on layers of paper stripes

Checking size again


The beautiful end result


thorne garnet said...

cute idea, using a mixture of white flour and water is even cheaper.

Karin said...


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yh said...
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ocs123 said...
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Angel said...

Your heads/masks are damn amazing!

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jean-bon said...

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