Friday, August 24, 2012

Hanging Garden

I'll be heading back to Trollhättan at the end of next week since I failed in my search for an internship (well, I did succeed, but then everything just didn't work out so I have to go back). Feeling pretty crappy about it, but at least there's only one year left now of my studies. I'll try to make the most of of my last few days in Stockholm, lurking around and seeing friends, hanging out in the backyard this morning, looking like a French imperialist.

Hat: vintage 
Earrings: gift 
Jacket: inherited 
Dress: Vintage 
Bag: Gift (vintage) 
Socks: H&M 
Sandals: local shoe store 


ELISA said...

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Kailey said...

Gorgeous dress!

Buzz said...

Love it!

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john filip said...

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Melissa said...

Stunning photos! Just lovely.

<3 Melissa

bakeshoppe said...
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Justyna Stawarz said...

I like it ;)

sara paul said...
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Wang Yifang said...

I like your drss!:)